Monday, February 1, 2010

About blogging

Before taking the plunge and starting this blog a few weeks ago, I had been debating wether to blog or not for a long time - it is not in my nature to talk about me, my family, my relatives or my friends.

So, even if its direction may seem unclear right now, one thing is for sure, I know what my blog will not be about, and that is personal matters. I am a very private individual and the purpose of this blog is not to discuss my life. My intention - and I am sure my posts will improve as I blog along- is to provide a light, a space for my designs and ideas; that's all. After crafting for many years I have come to realise that these days one needs a blog, a website or some sort of public repository to show one's creations. And this is what my blog is about, no more no less.

I hope you find my handmade cards, pieces of jewellery, altered items, scrapbook pages and any of my arty bits featured in this space inspirational. If you do, I would like to ask you not to copy them. You can use my ideas for personal use, but please don't make them your own - link your work to my blog. Thanks

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