Friday, March 19, 2010

Summer Dress

As I have probably mentioned before, I am trying to get back to sewing and other crafts I learnt as a child. This is a summer dress, the pattern for which I found on the internet a while back - check it out here (thank you, Amy Finlayson).
It is easy to make and with this colourful fabric from Ikea I think it is ideal for a little girl to wear on a hot summer day. Initially I was not sure about the reds and pinks and oranges and stripes, but I like how it turned out - do you find it too colourful? I am planning another 3 of this to make as presents - nieces, friends' daughters, etc. But since summer is not quite here yet :-( I reckon I still have plenty of time to finish them all :-)


Lisa Jane said...

I think its a lovely dress for a summer day - any little girl would love those bright pinks and oranges
Lisa ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My size? ;o) It's gorgeous and I looove the colours xx