Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog awards

It was a miserable start of the day - rain, wind... but my dear friend Wendy cheered me up with a sweet suprise. She treated me to not 1 but 2 Blog Awards!!

The first one is the Beautiful Blogger award. The rules for this Award are to tell 10 unknown things about yourself and to pass it onto 10 more Beautiful Bloggers. Let' see:

- One of my biggest regrets is not having spent more quality time with my father, listening to his stories, understanding his life.
- I am really really scared of illness and death, not seeing my child/ren grow up.
- I was 11 years old when I had my first hair cut.
- After a dodgy henna tattoo while visiting Morocco I developed an allergy to PPD and will probably never be able to dye my hair as a result :-(
- I am also allergic to peppers (chillies, jalapenos...all sorts!)
- I would have loved to have blue eyes
- I suffer from the "travel bug"; I love travelling and am "itchy" unless I have some sort of trip planned soon.
- I wear my watch on my right wrist and my ring always on the middle finger.
- The first name given to me (i.e. registered) at birth is completely different to the first name I carry (officially) now (political and personal reasons, in case you wonder).
- I do not like reptiles and I am terrified of snakes in particular.

I have chosen the following 10 Beautiful Bloggers, for different reasons:
- Lisa Jane (because she is super talented and has offered me positive comments from day one)
- Faye (because she is super talented, as well as very funny! and always ready to give positive comments)
- Doreen (because she is talented, dedicated and a very supportive team of the OLL DT)
- Snehal (because she is talented and a sweet follower, always ready to learn and leave positive comments)
- Debb (because she is one talented lady)
- Elaine (because she is another very talented lady)
- Heloise (because I wish I could work with beads, felt and fabric like she does)
- Geraldine (because she makes beautiful embroidery embellishments)
- Judy (because although I do not really know her, she's often left kind comments on my blog, and more importantly, I've noticed that she always taks the time to give thanks for any freebies and tutorials available in the blog world, a rare and admirable thing!)
Chupa (one of those blogs I visit often because of her inspirational creations)
- Melissa (an Australian talented crafter and super mama!)

The second award is the Cherry on Top award; the rules for this one are to share 3 things that you enjoy doing and then to pass it on to 5 more wonderful bloggers.
So what do I really enjoy?
- I love snuggling up in bed with a good book or a good film and a cuppa at the end of a long day.
- I love going out for a lazy lunch/dinner with my partner and son on Sundays somewhere different.
- I love arts and crafts with passion and the first thing I do in any place I visit is to look for a crafts market and/or crafts shops

The 5 bloggers I have selected for this award are:
- Lisa Jane
- Faye
- Snehal
- Karenika (for her inspiration and beautiful creations)
- Paulette (for her beautiful creations that she kindly shares with other bloggers)


Iwona Palamountain (Chupa) said...

Oh thanks so much for your sweet award! I'm honoured and very happy, that you find inspiration on my blog!! xxx

Doreen said...

Oh wow what can I say, Thank you Neus I feel quite

Lisa Jane said...

Thnak you so much - you are so very kind to pass on the awards to me. I love visiting your bog and i really enjioyed reading your facts lol
Thank you so much
Lisa ;)

Mel said...

Thank you very much for the award, that was so lovely of you!

Wendy Colledge said...


Faye said...

Well Congratulations on your awards. It is lovely to learn so much about you. Thanks also for the kind things you've written about me and for chosing me. xx

debb said...

Congrats on not one but two awards! I loved learning more about you! Thank you for passing it on to me!

CreatewithTlc said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me for the award. It is appreciated, and it is up on my blog.