Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I can't believe it is 10th May already!! It's been fairly busy these last few weeks and therefore I have not been very active around Blogworld. So apologies for the lack of posting or even commenting on other people's blogs. Busy why? Well, it's Confirmation and Communion times around this part of the world, and I have been commissioned to make quite a few number of cards - 25 so far! Phew!!
So this is an extremely quick post 'cos I need to finish a couple of cards more for tonight; I leave you with a small collage of my work.
Take care xx


Anne said...

Perfect cards for the occasion Neus. Hugs x

Doreen said...

Wow these are just gorgeous,you have been busy.xxx

Faye said...

Hey Busy Lady, all these cards look great. Hope you have a great weekend. xxx

Anonymous said...

Well done Neus!! xx