Saturday, November 5, 2011

Heaven and Hell

I imagine religious people would tend to have a very clear idea of what heaven and hell look like. I don't, but I'd say the closest thing to it must be what I lived yesterday. Yesterday, ladies, I went to the crafts fair in the NEC, Birmingham. [Last year, due to my pregnancy, I was able to go in March but not in November (sob, sob). So I cannot even begin to tell you about my excitement!!]
So let's start with hell. Hell must be what it was like in the NEC from 11am to 2pm yesterday. There was SOOOO many people in that hall. The place was absolutely packed. People with bags, handbags, pushing totes or pulling trolleys; people in wheelchairs; people with prams; old, young, male, female. People everywhere, it was bumper to bumper, to the point that the atmosphere was asfixiating!
But then, the place was also heaven. Because for any crafts lover, the idea of a big hall full of crafting goodies and crafty talented and minded people really is heaven. And since in Europe we do not really have the likes of Joannes and Michaels to go shopping every week, or monthly huge crafts exhibitions like the Americans have, for instance, that place yesterday was like being in paradise to me.
And here's what I purchased - budget was limited, unfortunately, but I still managed to get most of the MUST things in my list.
What do you think? I am completely new to Craft Robo, and I am aware this is the simplest version, now being discontinued, but the offer was good and within my skills my view is that I should be able to get quite a lot out of this tool.
So if you are an expert on Craft Robo, have suggestions, recommendations, ideas, links, etc. please do send them my way because it would be great to get a bit of help :-)
And if you are planning to go to the NEC tomorrow (last day), get ready for heaven and hell! ;-)


chilli pip said...

You lucky ,lucky gal. Enjoy your new goodies

Doreen said...

Oooh lucky old you,although the way I feel I would not want to be getting shoved about. I will just have to wait now until

snehal watwe welde said...

Wow....I don't mind getting shoved and pushed if this is what you get after all that.Please enlighetn me on craft robo.Is it a silhouette machine?

Faye said...

I'm glad you managed to go this year and that you managed to complete your hit list. I don't have a craft robo, so can't help there. I am soooooooo excited as I am going to hell tomorrow...

Anne said...

So glad you enjoyed it Neus and managed to get most of the stash you wanted. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it. Hugs x

Tejal said...

Followed you back from the Pie lane!! that is some awesome stash!! I wish we could have some kind of exhibition here!!
Hoping to surf your blog for a while now!!


Wendi said...

Your so lucky we have nothing as good in France either
you never know we may get there next year