Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sewing again

You may remember the summer dress I made for my friend's daughter back in March?
Well, it was my two gorgeous nieces' birthday a few weeks ago and while on holidays I managed to find a sewing machine and some beautiful fabric to make another one of those summer dresses and the short top version of it. Being sisters of such close age (10 and 8) they really do not like dressing like twins, so making a dress and a top with slightly different colours for the bow seemed like a good idea.
Here are the girls, happy with their present. (again, apologies for the bad quality of the photo, but you should get the idea of what the end projects looked like).

Comments? Thanks!


Faye said...

I'd be happy with this dress and the top! xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow Gal!! So talented - the dress and top are just fab!!