Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Snow Crafting" part II

...And here's what we did this morning while the snow kept falling outside, from a can of porridge oats:



He has plans to keep all the little toys from the Xmas crackers in the can. What can I say, he has inherited the hoarding habit from me ;-)
For the afternoon we did Word Search puzzles, which he loves at the moment, as well as a Birthday card for my mum.

We might go to the cinema tomorrow, if the roads have improved and we can get out of the driveway; otherwise- baking as many of you suggested, although baking means eating, and I would prefer avoiding that :-)


Lisa Jane said...

I was expecting a luminere lol... but the tin is fabulous ..it will definitely come on handy for all his prizes lol
Glad you ahd a great day
Lisa ;)

Doreen said...

Oh wow Neus that is fabulous, he also takes after youfor crafting.xxx

Mary J said...

This is such a great idea! I love it!

Anne said...

Aw that's great Neus, I understand all about hoarding, I've a hubby that keeps everything! Hope you manage to get to the cinema today, nice to get out of the house. Hugs x

wendy said...

Hello Busy Bee!
Fabby idea darling, think I'll do exactly the same Ha! :o)
Baking is goooood and eating even better + you have an excuse ;o) xx

Faye said...

Cold weather is no time for dieting lady! Love what you've made this time. xxx